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Every dollar donated to Squirrelmender Wildlife Rehabilitation goes directly to the care of wildlife providing food, medical supplies and housing for the hundreds of animals that come through here.

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Baby Squirrels

Emergency Procedures If You Found A Baby Squirrel

  • Look around for the nest, or the siblings - it might have been blown out of a tree. If you found a baby squirrel there is probably at least one more.
  • Look for the MOM! She may be in the middle of relocating her babies and not want you to kidnap that one!
  • Look around for predators, dogs and cats or other dangers.

If the baby squirrel looks hurt - or in danger - or really left alone:
(Or if you also find siblings)

  • Handle the baby as little as possible, using a soft cloth such as a washcloth or flannel.
  • Keep the baby warm - human body temperature is a good guideline.
  • Do NOT attempt to feed a baby - more damage can be done by providing what seem like "good" alternatives.
    • A cold baby can not digest food!
    • A dehydrated baby cannot digest food!
  • Wildlife rehabilitators use very special formulas that do not contain cow's milk or human milk substitutes.

Protect the baby by placing in a soft warm place. (any container with soft clean cloth). If the baby has little or no fur warmth is important. You can place some stones or beans or rice in a sock and heat it in the microwave NOT TOO HOT - and place it under a portion of the cloth in the box - place the baby near the warmth but not on it. It will move closer if it wants more warmth.

Search for siblings and MOM. If you spot a possible MOM squirrel, place the box where she can see and have easy access. But make sure you watch out for predators and keep the area safe. Baby squirrels give out a very high pitched cry that Mom can hear.

IF there is no Mom and no siblings... contact us - or a rehabber close to you right away!
We will give you further instructions!

baby squirrels
baby squirrels
baby squirrels
baby squirrels

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