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Every dollar donated to Squirrelmender Wildlife Rehabilitation goes directly to the care of wildlife providing food, medical supplies and housing for the hundreds of animals that come through here.

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Squirrelmender Wildlife Rehabilitation
Address: 330 Charro Avenue
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Does it need to be rescued?

General rule:

If you can approach the animal as though to make contact, and the animal does not run away, then something is wrong. (Very young birds and mammals cannot run away and those situations need to be carefully assessed.)

Words and phrases that indicate the animal needs rescuing:

If flies are seen around animals, check animals for fly (maggot) eggs. The eggs are pale yellow and are laid in clumps on the flesh or in the feathers. They look like rice or grain. If there are fly eggs, refer to a rehabilitator.

Cats can cause invisible puncture wounds. Must be treated within 24 hours with antibiotics. Death rate of cat-caught birds still over 90%.

Yes, It Needs to Be Rescued - Now What?

Click Here: How to Rescue Wildlife

This information is posted with the permission of its authors - the Wildlife Rescue League, Falls Church, VA
baby squirrels
baby squirrels
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Adult squirrels

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